Monday, August 25, 2008

The Pill Phase has Started

The most frequent piece of feedback I've heard since telling people that I'm taking an African vacation is ... "be sure to get all your vaccinations."
Done. So, i started taking the Typhoid vaccine last night. Since we're a week from departure, and since the doctor told me to start taking it a week from departure, i - like i do with all things i have to remember for the following day - wrote it on my hand. Then i decided to read the wad of instructions that came with the vaccine and learned that i am supposed to COMPLETE the vaccine (there are only four pills, to be taken once every other day) at LEAST a week before departure. Great. Thanks, Doc. I decided not to read on about symptoms, but i'll probably know soon enough.
oh yeah ... packing (uncharacteristically) has begun. I got a huge can of mosquito-killing solution and a variety of liquid repellents that will have me smelling like Deet (and will possibly be disintegrating my flesh) for weeks.
everything will slip comfortably into place in a few days when i'm en route (and by comfortably, i mean i'll gear up to take on the new universe i'll be entering). I am meeting my Brits (old friends from Univ of Wales) for a "piss up" in London before leaving the Western World. Should be fun.
I really am excited about tigers. Not being chased by ... but admiring from afar. Of course.

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Elise said...

I love it already! Blogging is such a good idea to detail your African adventure. I can't wait for more posts!